Restaurant Oseleta

The Oseleta Restaurant, one Michelin star, has been converted from the portico, locally called a “barchessa”, of the villa and has all its past charm as well as an atmosphere of rich elegance.

The executive Chef Giuseppe D ‘Aquino will lead you through his culinary art with characteristic Italian passion, delighting you not only with the flavors of Venetian tradition but also with his very own original and innovative flair. Our guests love to hear the chef’s advice when he stops at their table to ensure their tastes are met and to describe the dishes.


The forty year old chef, Giuseppe D’Aquino did not start life as a chef but despite this deliberately followed his passion and made the kitchen his chosen workplace.
His “début” was as a commis chef in various restaurants around Italy and in 1990 he headed off for pastures new in order to enhance his experience and mastery of languages, spending time in Paris, London, Los Angeles and Dubai where he was appointed Chef de cuisine.
After a number of valuable professional experiences he then decided to return to his homeland, directing the kitchens at Villa Mangiacane just outside Florence. He has been the chef at Villa Cordevigo since 2010. In 2013 the efforts were honoured with the first Michelin star